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Web Page Creation

This is Jabak’s main field of work. A strategic and well-designed web page is a powerful tool that can help you achieve your goals.The web pages Jabak creates are low-cost and easy to use, they can be easily maintained by the client, and we make it a point not to complicate things.

Jabak will assess your needs and offer the plan most suited to you.A feature of Jabak is its strong international influence, which brings an original feel to our web pages. On occasion this may be feel slightly excessive, and at Jabak we feel it’s important to put aside our own influences in order to create a web page that best assists our clients in attaining their goals. Our goal is helping you achieve your goal. It’s as simple as that.

Here are the components Jabak focuses on when designing a web page.


Although low-cost options are readily available, with our original templates and skillfully designed embedded programs, Jabak offers dynamic and highly productive web pages.

When determining what features to include in clients’ web pages in order to keep within budget, a lot of different ideas are discussed between Jabak staff and clients. After exchanging ideas and opinions - some of which are concepts that you wouldn’t normally come up with - we decide which ones we will use in the web page. Making the decision to create or update a web page can be like taking a step into an unknown darkness, but we also consider the risks. While there are some industries that see fast results from having a web page, other industries don’t benefit as much. That being said, Jabak considers each and every net surfer as a valued internet user, and we endeavor to create web pages to suit any client’s needs and budget.

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Photography & Videography

Here at Jabak we believe that photos and videos are extremely effective, and these are the tools we give most importance to when designing a web page. Photos and videos can also be used on various other platforms. The main point is to utilize the material, whether it be of a business or personal nature, so that it can be enjoyed by the target audience. The entire photography and editing process is carried out by Jabak staff, and we look forward to seeing the final product that we present to our clients.

Another reason Jabak places importance on the use of pictures and videos is based on the saying, “a picture tells a thousand words.” An image has the ability to bypass language and nationality unlike written text, so even if the same language is not spoken, communication can still be achieved through photos and videos. If you have a moment have a look through our portfolio to see the kind of photos and videos that Jabak produces to draw in the audience.

Jabak aims to produce pictures that are exciting and convey the intended message, and that can be used for a range of purposes.


We select the best equipment for each job to achieve the desired result.

Using Photoshop to do the final editing is a given in this industry. However the exact moment when you the shutter closes is a large factor in achieving a good result. You’d be surprised at the difference a slight change in the angle of the light can make to a photo. In the same way that each of us sees the world differently, each camera lens functions to produce a different result. In most instances we use professional photography equipment at Jabak, however on occasion we might use a polaroid camera in order to achieve a certain effect. Knowing the features of all of our equipment and the result our clients hope to achieve enable us to take the perfect picture.
In recent years it has become possible for a small team such as ours here at Jabak to carry out the entire production of videos, from shooting the footage through to the final editing process. Filming images from a bird’s-eye view is also possible. Our main cameraman, whose favorite object is most certainly a camera viewfinder, is constantly busy keeping up with demand for photo shoots. Have a look at some of his work and get in touch with us if you’re interested in requesting our photo or video service.
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DTP and Design

To most people, myself included, the abbreviation “DTP” wouldn’t click straight away when they first heard it. It stands for “desktop publishing,” and involves editing and arranging the layout of printed materials such as newspapers. This is no longer done on a “desk top” but on a PC, which then enables the final product to be printed.
Nowadays there are a range of printers available, and we aren’t limited to printing just on paper; we can print onto 3 dimensional items, and color printing has become standard. I’m sure most people would agree that the speed in which technology is advancing is becoming almost scary though...

At Jabak we offer product design services, and of course printing services. We use a range of tools to create our designs, and depending on clients’ requests we will even use tools such as color pencils, crayons or traditional Japanese calligraphy to achieve the desired effect. (For calligraphy requests my professional calligrapher friend will be called on for best results!) Branding is a word that is thrown around a lot lately, and Jabak feels that it is closely linked to design.

It’s important for the final product to look good, but the desired goals, thought processes and other steps involved in achieving that result are also important.


Contrary to what people might think, sometimes designers aren’t compatible with their client’s requests.

We’d prefer to be positive and highlight the things we are good at, but there may be some cases where we can’t produce designs that meet our clients’ requests. Even among Jabak’s design team each designer has their own individual style, and just like anyone designers can sometimes feel disheartened by harsh criticism. That being said, most designers have room to expand their ideas and experience, so we encourage our designers to learn from others’ designs while still maintaining their individuality.

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Computer programs have become part of our everyday life. Think about online shopping, for instance. We can browse, select, pay for, and arrange delivery of items, all with the click of a button. Another example is looking up how to get to a location using an online map. Without realizing it we’re actually surrounded by, and to some extent reliant on computer programs.
Jabak is lucky enough to have some extremely talented web coders on our team, who have vast experience in the programming field.
When building a program or application, something to keep in mind is the risk factor in terms of the cost versus the expected result. In some cases it can be more cost effective for prospective clients to employ their own programmer rather than outsourcing one. However depending on the client’s requirements, outsourcing programming related work can be simple and low cost with a high return.
With web page creation being Jabak’s main field of specialization, we can implement clients’ web pages smoothly and easily because we can eliminate the need to outsource the programming aspect. Even if web programming isn’t required we can build server networks with a sound web infrastructure, or cater to our clients’ other needs at a reasonable cost.

Combining our ideas with inspirations our clients have and giving them shape, we can produce remarkable results, all while sipping coffee.


The internal network we’ve created here at Jabak allows us to carry out our tasks at any time, from any computer terminal, and at any place in the world.

The Shinshu region in Japan is known for its harsh winter climate. Sometimes getting away and working in a different environment is important, so Jabak has made it possible to take a laptop computer and head overseas to a summer climate and work there for a while doing the same job we do in Japan, but while relaxing in a tropical setting. It’s when we come back to Japan without any degree of a tan that makes us reassess our motives…

A “concept” and a “purpose” are two essential elements needed when designing a program. Some purposes include to reduce working hours, to be able to sell items 24-7, or because there isn’t enough budget to hire extra workers. As you can see efficiency is a common factor, and it’s inevitable that computers will be used more and more to do our jobs, and become the ultimate answer for business owners.

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Text production, Translation & Interpreting

We’re proud to have a multinational team here at Jabak. The main languages we work in are English and Japanese, but we also have native Chinese and Spanish speaking staff, all of whom are experienced in the interpreting and translating field. We offer final proofreading services, or full text translation services including creation of advertising slogans and catchphrases in foreign languages.
Even among speakers of our own native languages, people have varying degrees of ability when it comes to writing. The same applies to translators. Just being a native speaker, or possessing a high level of the target language doesn’t equate to being a competent interpreter or translator.

Using perspective and word selection to elicit readers’ interest


What is making text?

The news column of a particular internet service often catches people’s attention with its brief but informative news headlines that are kept within a designated word limit. The writers have the ability to write in a way that makes their audience want to read the story. This skill of adopting a specific approach and selecting words carefully is also required when interpreting or translating text into a foreign language.

Text production,translation & interpreting

Educational Support NPO

Several of the staff at Jabak have a background in education, and have been involved in education-based NPO activities outside of the school environment. These kinds of activities are the subject of great interest in Japan, and with our multinational team and passion to share our experiences abroad, Jabak is committed to contributing to society through educational support.

Paying taxes is one way of contributing to society, however we feel that getting involved in the community away from the business scene and doing something to lead our community in a positive direction is also important.

What we can do?


Putting our experiences to use

We’ve all encountered a lot of people in our time, including friends and teachers, and have learned a lot of things both in the classroom and outside of the classroom. We have just as many memories to remind us of all of our experiences. We hope that children see the things they learn and the encounters they have as valuable memories, not just forced opportunities. We’re blessed with an abundance of nature here in the Shinshu region of Japan, and there are plenty of opportunities waiting and experiences to be had. Jabak hopes to involve the company as much as possible in making a
positive impact within the local community.

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