About us

The Jabak Team

The team at Jabak is dedicated to providing both a high quality service as well as a fresh outlook. The multinational and idea-ful staff (including freelance software engineers) originate from America, Canada, Australia, Iran, Mexico, China, and of course Japan.

Jabak’s main areas of operation are the south and central areas of Nagano Prefecture (Ina, Suwa, Matsumoto), and our services include web page production, DTP (desktop publishing) & design, text production, foreign language translation, and education-based NPO support activities. (For more information take the Jabak tour or see the “our services” tab.)

The foundations for the company began forming in 2008 over a chat at a cafe between Jabak’s now three main staff. With each member possessing skills and experience from three different fields, their discussions became reality and Jabak was established in 2012.

Our motto

The organization at Jabak is young, but that’s not a reference to the age of the staff or their skills.
Our strengths are our willingness to try new things, determination, and speed and ability to keep up with the latest advances in the IT field.
Our weaknesses are our lack of experience, young/new/still-forming foundations, and under-developed awareness.
We will continue to gain experience as a team while utilizing our strengths as an upcoming corporation.

The world around us is constantly changing, but the passion and determination to offer a quality service to our clients remains unchanged since the first discussions about the formation of Jabak in 2008.