• Experience and technology developed in Japan

    Hello to everyone around the world! Jabak is still just a small team of workers, but we have more energy than any other small company, and can provide you with an exceptional level of service.

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  • Working together to achieve your goal

    Our design model of combining translation with marketing can only be found here. But of course, that’s not the only advantage of Jabak. Each member of our team has strengths and knowledge in a variety of fields which we can make use of to help achieve your goals. And at times we can put aside the typical Japanese mindset of “The Customer is God” to interact with our clients in a way that they are more familiar with.

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  • Serving “local” businesses

    What we mean by “local” is any area outside Tokyo and other large cities. Jabak is thinking about the needs of local businesses from a running cost perspective. The lower cost of office rental and everyday expenses in local areas enables us to keep prices low, and we can pass those savings onto our local clients. We’ve realized that in order for local businesses to survive we can’t do business the same way as in Tokyo.

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Our strengths

Business experience in the Japanese market

It’s a given that our skills and web designing have been refined to suit the marketing and business scene in Japan. Although this exact style might not be perfect for all markets and countries, we have the ability to adapt and create a new style which can open up the potential to benefit you and your country. Jabak is focusing on discovering what our high quality “Made in Japan” services can do to benifit you.

Best cost x performance

Jabak’s staff are involved first-hand in a range of educational support activities including teaching English, design, programming and explaining about nature.

Sharing skills and knowledge

We feel it’s important that the staff in each department at Jabak share their skills and knowledge about their particular area with other staff members as much as possible. We believe that having a broad perspective and showing repsect toward the work of other staff contributes greatly to the quality of our services. It brings about a new level of creativity in the specialist areas of each of our staff. Here at Jabak we can provide you with the best, most effective service thanks to the high level of skill and knowldege available within our team.

About us

Our aim at Jabak is to keep pace with our clients and support them in achieving their goals.

We value the close relationship with our clients and work hard to provide a face to face service that enables us to work and think together. Of course, Jabak has both strengths and weaknesses. However we hope (要検討?) our expertise in service and support can be of assistance to our present and future clients.

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Keeping with the latest technology

This is an industry that advances rapidly, and being complacent means we’ll be left behind. That being said, the latest technology doesn’t count for everything, so comprehensive analysis skills such as TIPS (Technique (T), Intelligence (I), Personality (P), Speed (S)) are also necessary.

Our services

Web production

This is Jabak's main work field. Right web with marketing and strategy is very strong tool to achieve your goal. We makes it a point not to make things complicated for our clients.The web page we design for you will come with everything you feel is necessary for you.

Photography and videography

We offer on-site photo and video shooting at a range of locations as well as editing services.In many scene, these medias can tell pure information to people more simply, clearly exceed language. It is very important for us to handle “information”

DTP and Design

It’s possible to produce anything from flyers, stickers, pamphlets, buisness cards; the list is endless.At Jabak we have staff who enjoy hand-drawing illustrations and writing in calligraphic letters. Of course, we then digitally edit them so that they can be used in DTP.


We can make programs and applications which helps you a lot sometimes. It make your web page as great worker too. Our another strength, our web code editor is not only a web code editor but also a programer.

Text production, translation, interpreting

Text is the opposite of pictures. There are some things that are better explained through text rather than pictures and video. We’ll assist you in putting together the type of text you require according to your purpose.

NPO Educational Support

Jabak’s staff are involved first-hand in a range of educational support activities including teaching English, design, programming and explaining about where we live.

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